To Prep Or Not to Prep – Can They see the Future

Part 3 —

When selling a home one of the biggest questions is what do I do to help sell my home. Most people have started the process of looking for their next home and do not want to put a lot of time, effort or money into the home they are trying to leave. But what if I told you there are some easy steps you can take to help in the process of selling your home and better yet most of these are free!

Can They see Themselves Living Here

When you first prep you house for selling look around at all your wonderful family photos you have. I know you love those pictures of your wedding day, the kids graduation, that family vacation at the beach. Now after you looked at them maybe even cried a little, lets take the first steps of the inevitable  packing process and take some or all of them down.  I’m not being harsh but remember we have to put ourselves in Mr. and Mrs. Buyers shoes. If I’m trying to picture myself living in this house and every where I turn I see proof that another happy family lives here it’s hard from my brain to make the bond. And the buyer has to bond with the house and has to be able to see themselves living there.

I know these are only a few ideas and ultimately we should all take time to talk to our Realtor when prepping the house as they will have the most insight to you and your home, but if taking 5 minutes can help you sell faster why not!