who am i

About me

Although I grew up in beautiful Ohio my family moved to Florida when I was 11 and it didn’t take me long to know this is where I belonged.

I met Craig in 2004, he was In Florida visiting his parents on vacation. Since neither of us are patient people we were married in September 2005. At the time I had been working in an Animal Hospital and I soon got a job at a Property management office. This entered me into the word of short term rental. I soon realized how much I enjoyed helping look after their home and this lead me to get my Real Estate license in 2007.

Craig and I also started My Pool Repairs LLC http://www.mypoolrepairs.com run by Craig and I help out with the office side of things.

I have 9 dogs all Hounds and a son Forrest born in January 2016

Between my husband, my son and my 9 dogs, Real Estate and our Pool repair company I stay pretty active and I love every minute of it.

Carie Redman
JC Penny Realty
Cell: 863-458-0779

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